the APPALACHIAN messenger bag in cocoa leather & sandstone gauffraged suede

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the APPALACHIAN messenger bag in cocoa leather & sandstone gauffraged suede

Your pockets will thank us.

$ 1,075.00 


When you pick up one of our bags, you are holding our work in your hands. The love, craft, and design that went into the bag isn’t a nice touch - it’s the whole point. Let our work support your work, the APPALACHIAN messenger/briefcase is an elegant and rugged showstopper. For ease of packing, the top zipper extends 3.5” down each side and has dual zipper pulls. We’ve made key storage easy with the interior keyclip and included a hidden exterior side zippered pocket for extra organizing. When our friend Lina got a new job at a law firm in D.C. we designed the APPALACHIAN for her, knowing it would stand out in the office. But there was something she hadn’t counted on. “When I pack up my bag I’m actually excited to walk out the door. It feels and smells so good!”. Yup, you can’t fake good leather. So, when it’s time to make the choice, ignore any mass-produced ‘leather’ messenger bags - they’re not leather and time will tell.


17.5” wide at base, 14.5” wide at top, 10.5” tall, 3” deep
Hidden zippered side pocket, 6” x 6”
Disappearing 6.5” handle, 1.5” drop
9” x 3” removable shoulder pad
1.25” doubled-leather shoulder strap with a 16 -> 21” drop


◦ Handcrafted with full grain cowhide leather in cocoa brown, regally structured but with a soft, luxurious feel. 

◦ Accented with Italian pressed sandstone gauffraged suede — a traditional French technique that uses a hot pressure cylinder to melt a pattern into the material, ensuring a permanent design

◦ Solid antiqued cast-brass hardware

◦ Insanely perfect RiRi zippers


Email for custom sizing

Lifetime guarantee, shipping, insurance, & tax already included in price


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