the cape DRESS in black double georgette silk

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the cape DRESS in black double georgette silk

you’ll never take it off

$ 545.00 


This dress will make you feel luxurious. The double layer of georgette allows it to be hearty enough to wear into the colder months without being hot but cool enough to take you through both fall and spring. You have the choice wear it open as a coverup, to belt it fully or to belt only the front panel and leave a cape trailing behind you. If opting for the latter, we recommend wearing with a black slip underneath unless you feel like walking on the edge.


Sleeve length: 22” 
Shoulder to shoulder: 44” 
Shoulder to hem: 64”
Waist: 44” flat
Bust: 44” flat
*because of the open and versatile nature of this garment, sizing fit will depend on how you wear it. All measurements were taken with the dress laid flat and not closed. 

Shown on models with following measurements
5’9” // 33” bust 27” waist 39” hips


◦ Double-georgette silk


Email for custom sizing

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