the DIVIDE rucksack in camel nubuck & sandstone gauffraged suede

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the DIVIDE rucksack in camel nubuck & sandstone gauffraged suede

A gem from the past coming forth to change you

$ 1,700.00 


This is the backpack our CEO will forever use because it will change not only the way you feel and carry yourself but also what you carry and how you carry it. The design was inspired by old polaroids we found from hiking expeditions in the early 20th century. It’s an anachronism, a time-traveler - the type of bag that was made and used when people knew quality and function. The version for our Paris Collection is even bigger than its brother so it can be more than just a daypack. This is a top-loading roll-top travel bag and asks you to design your day by slipping in exactly what you need. And we’ve got your back with the oh-so-useful exterior pocket that sits subtly on the front of the bag, perfect for your phone, keys and wallet, because when you need ‘em, you need ‘em. This is an old school stuff sack that has stuck around because true explorers know that what lasts matters.


Body: 12.5”w x 18”h x 6”d // rolltop 7.5”
Weight: 3lb 4 oz
Carrying capacity: 20lbs
9” front  zipper
Fits a 15” laptop
2” adjustable straps


◦ Handcrafted with full grain cowhide leather in cocoa brown, regally structured but with a soft, luxurious feel. 

◦ Accented with Italian pressed sandstone gauffraged suede — a traditional French technique that uses a hot pressure cylinder to melt a pattern into the material, ensuring a permanent design

◦ Solid antiqued cast-brass hardware

◦ Insanely perfect RiRi zippers


Email for custom sizing

Lifetime guarantee, shipping, insurance, & tax already included in price


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