the ELLIS leather butterfly chair in tawney brown

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the ELLIS leather butterfly chair in tawney brown

Your throne for any space

$ 1,995.00 


A well-placed chair speaks from across the room, drawing you in. Our take on the classic BKF / Hardoy style butterfly chair designed in the late ’30’s -. The reason it’s been around for so long and the reason it’s iconic is not just that it embodies a timeless style, but also how it feels to sit in — a cocoon of comfort Nestle in for your favorite book, sipping your morning coffee, or your evening unwind glass(es) of wine. We collaborate with a local metal artist to create these lasting, beautiful frames. As opposed to a lot of cheap imitations that will use plastic joints, the sweeping frame of The ELLIS is forged from a single piece of rebar. While it might not take flight like an actual butterfly, this chair is surprisingly lightweight at only 8 pounds. The classic look and light body mean The ELLIS works anywhere from a fancy living room to deck. Handcrafted from our new favorite Denver full-grain leather, the beautiful seat will age and patina will time and use. *Item currently available for in-store pick up online. E-mail for shipping options*


Ground to front edge 14”

Front arms 20.5” high, 29” wide.
Back arms  35” high, 31” wide

Depth 32”

Weight ~12 pounds


◦ Handcrafted with our full-grain, Denver cowhide leather. Our Denver leather has a wonderful distressed look and the color-change pull up-quality of high-end hides.

◦ Wrought iron rebar base forged in Seattle, WA


Email for custom sizing

Lifetime guarantee, shipping, insurance, & tax already included in price


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