the GARNET concrete candle

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the GARNET concrete candle

A planter and a plant that belong to each other

$ 80.00 


Everyone wants a good-smelling home. Let me re-phrase that - everyone who finds themself on our website wants a good-smelling home. The GARNET is the little workhorse of settings space - a warm glow, the scent of all-natural lavender and the visual gravitas of concrete. Poured from a soy / coconut wax blend The GARNET’s bamboo wick and concrete walls create a long, even burn. We designed the perfect refillable vessel which means you can change/bump up that scent to the occasion, strength, or season. In the shape of a hexagon, the concrete is hand poured, retains its individual differences, and comes in pearl white or iron grey.


Dimensions : 4”diameter, 3” height

Weight : 1 lb 7oz (poured)


◦ Our mix of fiber reinforced, Portland cement, silica sand, and pigment

◦ Virgin coconut & soy blend wax

◦ Organic lavender essential oil scent- a floral expression distilled in France


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