le CONTE bar cart

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le CONTE bar cart

THE Show-stopper and Party-starter

$ 3,900.00 


This is our masterpiece (because “culmination piece” doesn’t sound as good). We designed this bar cart as an ode to all of our loves — leather, brass, concrete, art, and whiskey. A gravity well of indulgence - roll it in whenever you need to bring the party. Made to move with a slow grace, we’ve constructed a beautiful brass frame that glides atop swivel-casters using an elegant handle on either side. Le CONTE has a shelf for its two main functions. The elegant top shelf is the ultimate mixing surface - ringed with a brass railing and wrapped in sleek stoned-oil leather. You’ll be drawn decant, pour, mix, and stir (but don’t shake that martini, I beg you!). We hand-poured the bottom console shelf in a dark charcoal concrete, the 1” lip means it’s perfect for storing spirits, mixers, and wines. The underside of the top shelf also has a glass rack for seamless storage and access. This isn’t the ‘sloshing boxed wine into a tumbler’ sort of deal, it’s about deepening into the ritual of intentionally crafted cocktails. *Item currently available for in-store pick up online. E-mail orders@uphilldesigns.com for shipping options*


total : 34"width, 19" depth, 40" height
shelf : 30" x 17"
weight : 35lbs


◦ Architectural polished brass tubing with 05” wall thickness.

◦ Cast brass furniture casters
Full-grain stoned-oil leather, liquid-resistant matte finish
Our mix of fiber reinforced, Portland cement, silica sand, and pigment

Glassware not necessarily included… but it can be. Decanters and glassware available for purchase and created by local artist, Gregg Decicio, in a his signature antiqued grey color and hatched pattern.


Email dan@lutovhum.com for custom sizing

Lifetime guarantee, shipping, insurance, & tax already included in price


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