the LOGAN satchel in cocoa leather & sandstone gauffraged suede

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the LOGAN satchel in cocoa leather & sandstone gauffraged suede

An Artist’s Companion, but not in that elitist beret type of way

$ 435.00 


Our friend Gail walked into our workshop, needing a bag perfect her writing notebook, pens and everyday items. We made the original LOGAN satchel for her and it has proven to be the perfect writing companion - it’s why we make the bags we make, so you can better do what serves you. For the Paris Collection the Logan design was stretched taller and deeper with a larger strap, making it a surprise winner for best small carryon ever. Passport, headphones, snack, kindle, earplugs - it was a perfect little sanctuary. Our rugged, luxurious leather, developed a richer patina the more you use it. We’ve left the interior raw, exposing the soft and luxurious suede side of our full-grain leather and our RiRi zipper top with a dual zipper pull will keep your goodies secure forever. Experience the joy of upgrading to the last satchel you’ll ever buy.


Weight 1lb 5 oz
Body: 9” wide, 10.5” high, 2” deep.
Length of shoulder strap: 42-54”


◦ Handcrafted with full grain cowhide leather in cocoa brown, regally structured but with a soft, luxurious feel. 

◦ Accented with Italian pressed sandstone gauffraged suede — a traditional French technique that uses a hot pressure cylinder to melt a pattern into the material, ensuring a permanent design

◦ Solid antiqued cast-brass hardware

◦ Insanely perfect RiRi zippers


Email for custom sizing

Lifetime guarantee, shipping, insurance, & tax already included in price


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