the PALISADE leather bench in bison brown

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the PALISADE leather bench in bison brown

When being relegated to the bench is a good thing

$ 1,925.00 


What if we asked more of our furniture? What if our furniture offered more in return? It’s our strong opinion that beautiful things should be used. They shouldn’t be relegated to the ‘formal dining room’ where no one dare tread. That’s why we made the Palisade classy enough to fit in any room, yet sturdy and inviting enough to sit, lounge, throw your bag on, put your feet up - use however and wherever you’d like. The PALISADE is created from panels of our Denver leather, tufted with brass buttons and stretched over 4” high density foam. The lightweight, steel hairpin legs give the Palisade a unique gravity and yet lightness at the same time. *Item currently available for in-store pick up online. E-mail for shipping options*


Size : 48” wide, 15” deep, 20”high
Weight : 24lbs

If you’re wondering, yes we can make it long enough to lie down on or petite enough to use as a vanity stool. You bring the perfect niche, we’ll build The PALISADE to fit.


◦ Full-grain, Denver cowhide leather. Our Denver leather has a wonderful distressed look and the color-change pull up-quality of high-end hides.

◦ Wrought iron rebar base

◦ High-density 100% Polyurethane, fire retardant foam

◦ Brass shank buttons


Email for custom sizing

Lifetime guarantee, shipping, insurance, & tax already included in price


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