the reversible SILK JACKET in black and brown gambiered "mud" silk

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the reversible SILK JACKET in black and brown gambiered "mud" silk

Truly the most one-of-a kind thing you can get

$ 1,375.00 


This reversible jacket is our current submission for “most striking piece we’ve ever made”. We sourced this from artisans in China who take the silk through a lengthly, fully ecological process included submerging it in river mud and baking it in the sun. The “gambiered” process leaves the silk with a water resistant, waxy finish that’s sleek to the touch and dual-colored (a tawny brown on one side, black on the other). Wear it open over more loose fitting clothes or cinched tighter over our rib knit turtleneck midi dress for the perfect amount of curves. Comes with tie sash.


Sleeve length: 25”
Shoulder to shoulder: 24”
Shoulder to hem: 34”
Waist: 57”
Bust: 53”
Sash: 77” x 5”

Shown on models with following measurements
5’9” // 33” bust 27” waist 39” hips


◦ Made from Gambiered, or Mud, silk. This fabric is made in the Guangdong province in the pearl river delta of China. The two color silk is characterized by a glossy black side and a matte irregularly patterned brown side. Mud silk is a very involved process involving natural plant dyes, sun drying, and mud application making it a 100% ecological textile that was crafted with care and intention. 

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